Nova offers specialist advice in all the major areas of commercial law, and the main ones are listed below.



Conducting a business does not only require business related issues to be solved, but also issues regarding the association itself. At Nova Lawfirm we provide assistance in all issues that may arise, all the way from setting up a company to winding up a company.

Contact: Anders Fernlund, Mats Lekman


A well-drafted, comprehensive contract is a good investment. It must of course be tailor-made for the situation at hand, but also take into account current legal regulations and any standard terms and conditions. At Nova Lawfirm we provide assistance in reaching these goals.

Contact: Dan Engström, Mats Lekman



In spite of good intentions when entering into a contract, there is always the risk of a dispute arising. In such a case, it is important to obtain proper, sometimes brutally honest, expert advice to save you both time and money. At Nova Lawfirm we provide assistance as counsels in court and in arbitration, as arbitrators and as mediators. At Nova Lawfirm we also provide assistance in assessing a case before proceedings have started and in negotiations.

Contact: Dan Engström, Elin Nilsson


Employees can be an organisation’s biggest asset, but also a liability at times, while an employment can be one of the most important things for an individual. This makes this area highly important. Swedish labour law is complicated and case based. We have very experienced lawyers dealing with these issues. The issues which fall under employment law and labour law include employment contracts, managers’ contracts, pension benefits, non-disclosure agreements, loyalty and competition, lay-offs as well as handling redundancies and claims for damages.

Contact: Cristina Bergner, Dan Engström



Companies wishing to introduce their goods and services onto the market are often faced with different options in terms of types of distribution – resale, agency activity, commission, stock on consignment, franchising, etc. All of these have their pros and cons and various legal solutions to go with them. At Nova Lawfirm we provide assistance in choosing the optimal solution for your business as well as in advising different solutions to problems arising in a certain type of distribution. We also handle the negotiations and the contractual issues.

Contact: Anders Fernlund, Dan Engström


Intellectual property, such as trademarks, patents and copyrights, as well as trade secrets are often some of a company’s most important and valuable assets. Extensive knowledge is required to be able to protect trademarks, inventions, designs, know-how and other intellectual property assets. At Nova Lawfirm we provide assistance in all intellectual property issues, such as how to protect your intellectual property and trade secrets and how best to act in infringement cases.

Contact: Johan Engborg, Anders Fernlund



Technology is progressing fast and the law governing the IT sector is continually throwing up new challenges. In our modern knowledge-based society, it is important to have a clear strategy at the outset to protect the company’s investments in technology- and knowledge-related assets. State-of-the-art technology, media and know-how make up a large part of these assets and need to be protected against unauthorised use. At Nova Lawfirm we provide assistance in all IT related issues, such as GDPR issues, Internet and e-commerce issues and user contracts (licensing).

Contact: Annelie Lindstedt, Mats Lekman


A property is a significant financial asset for owners. At Nova Lawfirm we provide assistance in all property related issues, such as selling, purchasing, mortgages, building and planning matters, and real estate management.

Contact: Carl-Gustav Lönnborg



Swedish tax legislation is complicated and is of major financial importance to virtually all individuals and companies. The complexity has also increased since Sweden joined the EU as some tax regulations are adapted to the EU. At Nova we provide assistance in all tax matters.

Contact: Cristina Bergner, Stephane Pleijel


Managing and developing properties requires active involvement in dealing with various tenancy issues, as well as knowledge of what agreements are required and of how the complex tenancy legislation operates. For a tenant, a tenancy agreement can be very valuable and it is important to know one’s rights in for example a termination situation and negotiations with the landlord. At Nova we provide assistance both for landlords and tenants in all tenancy matters.

Contact: Johan Engborg



Company acquisitions, mergers and restructures are complicated processes that need first-rate legal expertise. Negotiations between purchaser and vendor, financing and structuring of transactions, due diligence, contact with the authorities and stock market issues are examples of the key areas in this field. At Nova we provide assistance for purchasers and vendors in all of these areas.

Contact: Dan Engström, Mats Lekman


Business-related criminal law, or white collar crime, concerns crimes such as fraud, false accounting, tax evasion, money laundering, market abuse and corruption. At Nova Lawfirm we provide assistance to both companies and organisations in investigating suspected crimes within their organisations, but also to people individuals who are suspected of such a crime. In the latter case, our lawyers can have thorough experience in assisting as private or public defence counsels.

Contact: Cristina Bergner, Stephane Pleijel